After logging, I received an email from Instagram about a new login.

If after logging into this app, you receive an email regarding a new login to the Instagram app from a device you don't usually use, this is a known issue and we're working on a solution. Please note that the device's location in the email should be correct. If you receive a new login email without you logging in, we recommend changing your Instagram password to protect your account.

Unable to follow or unfollow?

If you try to unfollow users, and your Instagram account does not update, please login again to resolve the issues. There's no need to logout. Just login with the same account you're currently logged in with.

Why can I only follow a specific amount users per hour?

Unfortunately, this limit is set by Instagram and we cannot control this. We urge you to complain to Instagram and ask for a higher limit.

My app doesn't load data and logs me out all the time

To fix the issue, remove the app from the home screen and install it again from the app store. This might have been caused by a database issue.

Why can't I see who unfollowed me or blocked me?

This app only starts tracking unfollowers from the moment you open it. Unfortunately we can't see into the past, but we can help you with the future :D

How can I recover my Instagram password?

You can reset your Instagram password by We do not have your password or your email, so we cannot help you recover your password.

Does the app follow / like other accounts without my permission?

Our app does not store your account password and does not perform any action without your consent.

I think my account is hacked or used without my consent

If you believe another app is following or liking posts without your permission, we recommend you change your password. You should also deauthorize any apps that you do not recognize by logging into the original Instagram website.

How can I remove my account from this app?

When you log out, your account information is deleted. If you would like to make sure nobody else is using your account, we recommend changing your password and deauthorize any apps that you do not recognize by logging into the original service website.

Got a Question?

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